Snorkeling Farol |2021

Snorkelling around Sal is a wonderful way to explore the underwater world, here we are lucky enough to have shallow reefs with an abundance of marine life, including tropical and Mediterranean fish, rays, turtles, moray eels and many more.

Snorkelling is 30€ per person, this includes the boat and the equipment (mask and snorkel, fins, lifejacket and wetsuit)

The snorkel points are about 5/10min away and you will spend about 45min in the water.

The guide is a diving instructor and will be with you in the water the whole time to offer assistance as well as guide you, they will have an orange safety ring with them in case you need to hold on and the boat will be close by, so you can return to the boat sooner if needed.

We have three different sites where we can do snorkelling depending on the sea conditions we will choose the best considering safety, visibility and currents.
In the bay of Santa Maria a couple hundred meters of shore there is a multilevel reef 3m to 8m deep giving a range of depth ideal for marine life to move around and suitable for all visibility conditions, at the end of the reef there is a shallow shipwreck, Bolama or more commonly known as Calderinhia due to the big boiler still left behind. Schools of soldier fish and snappers like to swim around it and are regularly found here in addition to parrot fish, trumpet fish and many others.

On occasions we visit the Christ statue in the Bay of Santa Maria close to the pier, this statue is only 3m deep and can be easily seen from the surface, placed here to protect the bay it is an attraction for both tourists and fish.

Please take into account that it is a zodiac rib and thus the inside does get wet, keep your belongings safe and only bring what is necessary to the trip.

We hope you enjoy your trip and see lots of fish!!

Snorkeling Farol

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